Public Restrooms

We have worked hard to create a process that can be used to create a public restroom to fit any situation. By working with you through the entire process, from design, to building, and all the way to installation, we can produce the building you need, with no stress to you. Our years of experience of working with the parks and maintenance departments of various government agencies provides us with the knowledge and skills to reduce vandalism, security and sanitary issues. This, in turn, allows us to help architects and city planners design buildings that stand up to the task. These restrooms are designed to meet or exceed local governing building codes and withstand extreme conditions, including: earthquakes, floods and hurricanes. All while looking great.



Concrete Block


An extreme building suited for some of the most damaging conditions. These buildings are engineered to withstand the harshest fire and flood conditions.

8”x16” block with widths of 4, 6 or 8” – depending on design criteria. The vertical rebar for the first four courses of block is tied to the rebar mat and integral with the 8”-thick slab. We will not drill and dowel vertical rebar into our slab, as it is an inferior method of construction. The block walls are solid grout filled for the equivalent of a 4”-thick solid concrete wall. Roof framing can be either wood or welded steel.

Wood Frame


An extremely hardy building that is our BEST VALUE and has the quickest turn around time. These buildings have a wide variety of customization options.

Both of our wood and welded steel framed buildings can be offered with or without an attached slab. The option for a floorless building with a site-built monolithic slab offers a faster construction time. All walls are designed to breathe and not trap in moisture. All exterior walls are dual sheared. The bottom of every wall has a proprietary composite material that self-seals to the slab and creates a watertight barrier.