Q: How much do you charge for your preliminary design?

A: We have never charged for our preliminary design, specifications or consulting.  Never have, never will.

Q: Are your buildings rated for earthquake and hurricane prone areas?

A: Yes, in fact our buildings have to go through a low grade earthquake and hurricane at the same time during shipment from our factory to the job site.

Q: Will your buildings meet our local and ADA codes?

A: Yes, we typically design for the worst case scenario.  In a sense we tend to over engineer and build so we will meet all codes at any location.

Q: What does your turnkey option include?

A: Building design, engineering, state plan review, materials and construction, state in plant inspection, freight, crane and installation or site supervision of the install.

Q: What is the difference between your waterborne and water-less (vault) buildings?

A: Waterborne buildings have water service running to them and utilize a standard waste system that can go into a sewer or septic system.

Water-less buildings do not have utilities running to them, so waste is handled with a pit type vault system that is located under the building.  The pit is filled half way with water and pumped out as needed.  Water-less buildings are typically located at trail heads or where water and sewer services are cost prohibited.

Q: What is a floor-less building?

A: A building without the slab attached would be delivered and installed on the site prepared slab.  The site slab is typically excavated, poured and finished on site by a local general contractor, or at times clients have chosen to re-use an existing slab.

Q: Do I have a choice of interior and exterior finish options?

A: Yes, we pride ourselves on being able to match existing architecture, however if the finish is not road worthy it will be installed on site after the building is delivered.

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