For the very best in public restroom facilities, those in the know have been turning to CorWorth for close to 30 years. CorWorth has set the standard for design, manufacturing, and installation of top-quality public restrooms. 

This Texas-based company uses best practices in everything from the selection of materials to the quality of design to its meticulous delivery and installation. CorWorth was the first company to provide public restrooms to the parks and recreation industry and continues to be the leading provider of top-quality facilities.


CorWorth has created a state-of-the-art management system that allows facilities to control water valves, lights, door locks and much more from a computer or smart phone with internet access. The one-of-a-kind CorWorth Management Services can save you a lot of time and money by offering easier ways to manage resources. The idea of Smart Park Technologies is a proven system working for the parks and recreation industry.



That experience has also shaped CorWorth’s critical understanding of the skills required to build a top-quality product that goes beyond appearance. CorWorth’s public restroom facilities are engineered to:

  • Meet or exceed local building codes
  • Withstand extreme conditions
  • Resist vandalism
  • Provide low-maintenance care
  • Establish security
  • Maintain a sanitary nature

Other public restroom companies, like CXT©, Romtec© and others offer a variety of sizes and styles but may be limited in their options or detail work. CXT’s© prefabricated public restrooms come in concrete only, as opposed to CorWorth’s concrete block or wood frame options, available in waterborne and water-less configurations.

CXT’s© pre-engineered concrete facilities offer different colors and textures, but their prefabricated options don’t compare to the level of detail and architectural matching CorWorth provides. 

Disadvantages to pre-cast concrete buildings:

Having natural ventilation is a big problem with pre-cast concrete buildings vs. pre-built, like CorWorth offers. CorWorth's own custom manufactured Lexan(c) Louvers provide the best of both worlds by letting in light and ventilation while keeping the rain out. Pre-cast concrete buildings are hot, stuffy and have poor ventilation that can cause bad odors.

CorWorth's many years of experience working with government agencies’ parks and maintenance departments helped develop a critical understanding of the skills required. Other companies may be more limited in their floorplans, materials, and ability to fit in with an established or planned architectural style, but CorWorth offers unlimited options designed to give you flexibility and durability. 

CorWorth prides itself in the service to their customers and a continued working relationship after the sale.