Adding quality restroom facilities is a critical part of any site development, public works project, park, recreation center, or other public area. That is why CorWorth is the company of choice for the best in public restroom facilities. This Texas-based company uses best practices in all aspects of its restroom facility engineering. 

Why CorWorth?

  • First and only in the industry to use LED lights as a standard
  • First and only to use Epoxy floors as a standard
  • First and only to use and market Lexan(C) Louvers to provide natural light & ventilation while keeping the weather out
  • Only company to exclusively offer Red Shield fire retardent from ECO Shield  
  • While most concrete slabs for Pre-Built restrooms test at 5000 psi, our slabs consistently test around(approx.) 7000 psi 
  • CorWorth is the only public restroom company to offer concrete block, steel frame, ECO Shield wood frame, and floorless options.
  • CorWorth's ability to Customize to any existing architecture and overall custom look   
  • True dedication to Customer Service separates CorWorth from the competition like Romtec©, Public Restroom Co©, CXT© and others.


CorWorth’s roots in public restroom design date back to 1976. As the first company to provide public restrooms to the parks and recreation industry, CorWorth quickly earned a reputation for excellence—one they have continued to live up to throughout the almost 30 years since their founding. Their industry leader practices and depth of experience make them the choice of cities, counties, states, and federal parks across the country today.

CorWorth’s many years of experience working with government agencies’ parks and maintenance departments helped develop a critical understanding of the skills required. Thus came the idea of CorWorth Management Systems and Smart Park Technologies.

The result is restrooms that are designed to:

  • Meet or exceed local building codes
  • Withstand extreme conditions
  • Resist vandalism
  • Provide low-maintenance solutions

Other companies may be more limited in their floorplans, materials, and ability to fit in with an established or planned architectural style. With prefabricated facilities like those used by Romtec, the choices are limited and the detail offered may not stand up to the surrounding environment.


CorWorth’s facilities are constructed from concrete block or wood frame, in waterborne and waterless options. Restroom facilities can also have concessions, laundry, showers, or storage added. Many other companies may not offer options for add-ons or may only construct their facilities in one material, thereby limiting the options available. In addition, companies like Romtec© offer building kits with pre-engineered plans and installation instructions instead of the turnkey design, build and installation solution of CorWorth . Installation is available from Romtec©, but at an additional cost.



Disadvantages of a Site Built Structure 

  1. You must obtain Builders risk insurance
  2. With raw materials on site you have the constant risk of theft while building; with CorWorth pre-built structures there is no site material to steal.
  3. Extended job site liabilities concerning safety issues.
  4. We have constant quality control in our manufacturing plant
  5. We also have ability to control labor costs in a manufacturing environment.
  6. 6. And unlike a general contractor who is working on a different variety/types of jobs, designing, building, and installing high quality, pre-built restrooms is the only thing CorWorth does.